According to the data, ACNH's most popular furniture

When the player builds a tent in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", the first thing to do is to collect DIY recipes and wash the trees that hide objects. Soon, this tent was replaced by a house with enough space, thanks to the upgraded warehouse, which can store all the great items that players have built or discovered when they explore the beach or travel to remote islands. I will. Homes have many uses, from creating the perfect bedroom to creating a place where new villagers call their own home. Animal Forest: Some New Vision furniture is harder to find than others, while others are more popular. What furniture is the most popular this fall?

Currently, Animal Crossing’s favorite furniture is Rocket from the Lunar collection. It is difficult to find DIY items because you have to find them randomly or DIY pictures provided by friends who have supplies. You can also fly in the sky through the Animal Crossing Nuukmile program and find a new horizon blueprint on the island. As a result, only items that can be found and manufactured have higher fan value. These are not part of the random rotation of products that can be purchased at Nook's Cranny, which can significantly improve performance values. Likewise, for all fans, the rocket flying on the lawn on the moon is impressive.

On a starry night, after receiving the "DIY Celeste Map", you can get the first rocket in the "Blue Planet Aquarium Animal Crossing". If the weather is clear, it will be displayed randomly. Celeste provides various constellations and space-related items, all of which are great for players who want to decorate the starry sky. After obtaining the DIY animal crossing rocket map, players will need to collect 10 interstellar fragments and 20 iron blocks to meet the production requirements. After it is built, you can set up and appreciate it, or sell it for a total of 20,000 bells.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Rocket is not out of this world

The reason why items are so popular depends largely on game fans. Certain items, such as animal crossing players’ favorite clothes, are related to the player’s financial value. For other elements, it looks very cool as an interior or urban decoration. Take the "Animal Crossing New Horizons" rocket as an example. The main attractions are the difficulty of DIY, the completion of the craft and the demonstration to visitors. The magnificent furniture attracts the attention of visitors, who can visit and admire their homes and friends. This is also a great gift.

Although popular Animal Crossing items will continue to change as new content and events increase, Lunar Collection Rocket is still popular with players who prefer difficult items that can be created rather than purchased. The Rocket is just one of the many pieces of furniture that New Horizons provides for players. In the future, fans will be able to add even more wonderful decorative items to keep their rockets company, and add to the intricate décor of any island layout.