ACNH Adds More New Year's Items

As has become commonplace in Animal Crossing: New Horizons since its launch, every season brings with it a host of exciting limited-time Animal Crossing items for players to discover. Christmas and New Year's have been no different, with players gaining access to a variety of holiday-focused furniture, food items, and other decorative pieces they can use to spruce up their islands.

While many were under the impression that this year's festive collection was winding down, it seems Nintendo still has a few exclusive items to dole out, with New Horizons' Twitter account revealing that several new festive decorations are now available. To access the new additions, players must head over to the Nook Shopping catalog and navigate to the seasonal tab.

As for what's included in this slate of festive New Year's pieces, players will be able to access the 2021 celebratory balloon arch, which costs 2,021 bells, the Olivier salad which comes in at 1,000 bells, the zodiac ox figurine which costs 1,600 bells, and the Kagamimoci rice cake which costs 1,800 bells. They'll also be able to pick up the Kadomatsu plant for 2,580 bells, the New Year's shimekazari for 2,000 bells, and finally a Yut Nori for 1,300 bells. All the items have been selected as they represent a wide range of cultures, meaning players from all different nationalities will be able to decorate their homes to celebrate the holiday season their way.

For those who missed the event, New Horizons' celebrated Christmas Eve with its annual Toy Day event and brought with it a ton of Animal Crossing fun for those who logged in. Jingle the Reindeer arrived in fans' towns to celebrate the event, bringing with him gifts for all the villagers that the player had to deliver. Upon completion, the player would able to trade gifts for some fun, limited-time Christmas items, including a toy robot, a plastic tyrannosaurus rex, a tent, a doll's house, and a pop-up book.

Those who did miss out on Toy Day or the recent New Year's celebrations shouldn't be too disappointed, however, as there are already several Animal Crossing events primed to hit the game in the coming months. Animal Crossing's classic Festivale and Valentine's Day events are sure to land very soon, while Nintendo revealed a line of Super Mario focused furniture will be coming in March to celebrate the character's 35th anniversary. Regardless, it's clear New Horizons is looking to continue providing reams of new content going forward into 2021, so players should keep their eyes peeled for updates.