ACNH Direct Biggest Announcements to Expect From Nintendo

Nintendo will soon be directing Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct. Gamers expect to hear lots of exciting news from the upcoming presentation. Developers will give a 20-minute demo and discuss their future plans for ACNH. Nintendo has already revealed that Brewster will finally be arriving in New Horizons with an upcoming update.

Unfortunately, the developers did not reveal anything other than the arrival of the cafe and Brewster. However, Nintendo has promised to release a lot of content to gamers by the end of 2021. This year has been quite difficult for New Horizons; However, Nintendo may change players' minds about the game with an upcoming major update.

Predictions for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct


If you've been a huge fan of the Animal Crossing franchise, you may be familiar with the Gyroids element. New Horizons players have long waited for a sizeable update, and Nintendo was able to reward their patience with loads of content. It can also introduce the fan favorite Animal Crossing item from previous titles, Gyroids.

Gyroids are decorative elements from the Animal Crossing series with arms and faces. Players have to dig them up after rainy days and put them where they want.

Interestingly, Brewster has a huge history when it comes to Gyroid. In New Leaf, it offered players a Brewster-themed Gyroids, while in other previous titles it offered users storage space for Gyroids. Therefore, there is a good chance that Nintendo will introduce Gyroid as a new item for players to collect and explore on their island.

A job related update from the villagers and the arrival of Katrina

Most players think Brewster and the Roost will take up to 10-15 minutes of presentation. However, this is not possible as we know Nintendo did not plan a full Direct for ACNH if it was only for Roost. What we can really expect from the upcoming Direct are all the datamining features that have been reported along with rumors of the arrival of Roost.

Among these data mining features, one was for an update related to the work of a villager. For example, we may get an update where players have to build a hospital and other buildings like Happy Home Designer. There, users can see the villagers who have part-time jobs related to the building.

Besides, we can also see the return of Katrina in New Horizons. Katrina is a fairy cat who tells you how your happiness will be today. Some data explorers have found that divination may be a new feature in ACNH. Nintendo could introduce Katrina in the upcoming amiibo 5 series, as well as several other popular characters.