ACNH Gamer Debuts Stunning Glowing Forest

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the most popular title in the entire Animal Crossing series. Moreover, Nintendo has introduced a new seasonal update for players on its island. Of course, newbies are very excited about collecting last year's items, such as the Frozen series items.

In addition, 2.0 elements allow users to be more creative and build their dream island. Of all the new items, the Glowing Moss becomes the most popular decorative element in New Horizons. Glowing moss glows in the dark, helping players build their island on dark themes.

The glowing forest concept in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Glowing Mech is a new item introduced in the last update 2.0. Players can collect it by visiting the gleaming mysterious moss island on the Kapp'na excursion boat. In addition, it costs 1,000 Animal Crossing Nook Miles tickets per trip and can only travel once a day.

Interestingly, users who purchased the add-on will have no major problems collecting glowing moss. This is mainly because you see them growing in the hills behind the Paradise Planning Bureau. This makes it easy for Happy Home Paradise users to collect glowing moss and create various DIY items.

Recently, Reddit user That-Stranger-2590 praised his work Glowing Forest in New Horizons. They filled the entire forest with glowing moss with different kinds of trees. In addition, they also build an arcade in the middle of the forest. Of course, several users were thrilled with the creator's creativity and appreciated their efforts in the comments.

One comment was, "Too cute! What are these different trees? I love it - must have been tedious collecting all that glowing moss, Hood never takes me where I want. thank you nintendoddies for adding variety to me. "

Building a glowing forest at ACNH is a really great and unique idea. Moreover, you can also put glowing moss elements if you want the glowing forest theme to be different from the creator. What do you think about the item glowing moss?