ACNH has a cheeky seasonal element for Pi Day

Animal Crossing's new season entry: New Horizons Pi Day features a cheeky reference to the holiday it is based on, and some fans may have missed the in-store price that reflects the first 3 pi numbers. Pi is a mathematical constant and irrational number, meaning its decimal representation never ends, resulting in an endless string of numbers that is eventually severed by ellipses to represent a continuation of what has been written.

The pi number is popular with mathematicians, engineers, and other numerical minds, and on March 14 - March 3, the first 3 pi numbers have become Pi Day in some places, including the United States. Due to the connotations in the pronunciation and spelling of pi, many people celebrate Pi Day with a baked bake of the same name, and the pi pie is a common sight on March 14 for those interested in the holiday. Animal Crossing: New Horizons seasonal items tend to take up a lot of space when it comes to holidays around the world, with lesser-known but important celebrations represented in the game.

The seasonal item Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pi Day is already a pi cake that many fans are excited about sitting on the dining tables in their homes during the holidays. However, one user of the game's subreddit, HDarmon, made another brazen reference to the cost of the item: 314 Animal Crossing Bells, again representing the first 3 pi numbers. While in hindsight this is a fairly obvious reference, the low cost and deep wallets of many Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans have left it unnoticed by many who have expressed their gratitude for paying attention.

There's a reason Animal Crossing fans are often so committed to the game's numerous seasonal updates - the amount of attention that is often put into these references reflects a developer who wants his fans to enjoy every event they celebrate. While other major celebrations, such as the upcoming Animal Crossing Mario themed items, are in full swing, the game still took time to make a not-so-subtle reference to many people's favorite mathematical constant.

Those interested in purchasing Animal Crossing: New Horizons pi pie will want to do so soon as they leave the seasonal store after March 14th. For those who haven't picked an Animal Crossing item yet, please take a moment to appreciate the numerous testimonials to show that Animal Crossing has also listed this item before the community finally moves on to another clever update that the game seemingly always has on the horizon.