ACNH - How to get Katrina's Purification Items

Katrina, the mysteriously accurate island fairy, is back in the game and visiting her store is a lot of fun. Update 2.0 was the icing on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons cake. Almost everything fans asked for was added to the game and more! For example, something very trivial but amazing is the fact that cat village residents will now actually play with cat toys (unlike many real cats), but the free update is much more than that, such as a wide extension to Harv's Island.

Harv's Island has undergone major changes with the free Animal Crossing update. There are several stores you can set up on Harv's Island. While you will come across familiar faces like Leif and Redd, you can also visit new merchants like Katrina, the infamous fairy from previous games.

As with any other market stall, you can start a Katrina shop by donating 100,000 Animal Crossing bells to the right gyroid. If you want to run her shop, you'll need to donate to the gyroscope, which claims to be accepting the donation "to fund a mysteriously accurate fortune teller."

How Katrina Works

Once this is done, he will be there from 5am to 1am the next day to provide paranormal services. You can ask Katrina to read the fortune or check the level of friendship with a specific villager.

If you choose friendship, he will tell you if you and your favorite villager are close or not, then he can increase your friendship level in return for 10,000 bells. This is very handy if you are trying to take a picture of a villager.

If you decide to check your fate, it will let you know for the rest of the day whether you are lucky or unlucky, and that prediction will actually affect your luck in the game.

Fortune And Luck

Luck affects the food you eat, your friendship, the number of items respawn, the amount of gold you get by hitting rocks, and the number of bubbles you get from balloons.

So if you have been told that you will be very lucky in a given day, eating food will give you more stamina, you will bond with the villagers faster when you interact with them, you will find more items to respawn, you will have more gold nuggets when you hit rocks and more bubbles from balloons. And if it's an unlucky day, the exact opposite will happen.

Purification Items

If you decide you don't want to live with the weight of this curse on your back for the rest of the day, you can pay Katrina 10,000 bells and she will pick them up and even mail you a small reward. Next day. So, in order to get all of Katrina's Cleansing Items, you'll need to get bad luck with your fortune and then pay 10,000 bell fee costs to cleanse yourself.

There are four different Cleansing Items to collect: Golden Turtle, Door Decor, Horseshoe, Mini Dharma and Power Stone. Hope you're out of luck if you want to get all of these items.