ACNH iron wood chest of drawers built in real life

Fan Animal Crossing: New Horizons was inspired by the hit Nintendo and created one of the furniture in the game: Ironwood Dresser. Animal Crossing brings the creative fun of crafting, decorating and placing items to create the perfect island, and many players have taken Animal Crossing ideas and brought them to life in the real world.

One of the many features of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is creation. Players can earn DIY recipes that allow them to create various items from different materials found in the game, which can then be used to decorate their island. One of the most prized sets of items made by DIY Recipes is the Ironwood furniture collection, which uses nuggets of iron and wood to create elegant, realistic items, including a bed, kitchenette, and DIY workbench. The simplicity of the designs and their diverse customization options make them one of the most popular pieces of furniture in Animal Crossing, as they go well with just about any island aesthetic.

Talented Redditor and Animal Crossing fan LehighValleyWorkshop impressed the AC subreddit with a video showing how they created Ironwood Dresser. An experienced carpenter begins the film as if he were an Animal Crossing character himself by asking, "Do I need to make something?" into the Animal Crossing speech bubble. The maker creates the perfect replica of the in-game furniture, which took about 20-25 hours, mainly because of the welding process.

Completed LehighValleyWorkshop DIY Animal Crossing received over 13,000 votes on Reddit and many fans asked the creator to work on recreating the entire Ironwood furniture set. The set in the game consists of a total of 10 items, with the sideboard being one of the smaller items on offer. Animal Crossing's Ironwood collection includes several large pieces, including a bed and a large wardrobe, and bringing your gaming furniture to life would be no easy task. The developer has not confirmed whether he intends to take up the challenge, but has revealed that Ironwood Dresser is made for himself and will not be sold for any Bells.

Animal Crossing players who have completed their item catalogs are hoping that more furniture and Animal Crossing items will be added to the game in the future. The recent Animal Crossing update introduced new groceries and drinks, including boba tea for players and their residents, but we hope there will be a bigger drop in content soon. Nintendo has revealed that the Animal Crossing update will be released later this year, but it is not yet known what will be added to the game.