ACNH is celebrating a Bizarre British Festival with a new Item

Nintendo loves to celebrate festivals from around the world in the hit Switch game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These holidays are not always as important as Christmas or Easter. Instead, even players like Pi Day or Colombia Day saw Nintendo adding seasonal elements to the game.

While big festivals can often do a complete in-game makeover with a few items, including clothing, wallpaper, and DIY recipes, smaller festivals can only get you one or two items. Nonetheless, it doesn't diminish the spirit of celebration and clearly gives players another unique item.

In another instance, Animal Crossing: New Horizons decided to celebrate a bizarre festival from the UK. The game commemorates Cheese Rolling, an annual event hosted by Cooper's Hill in England. The event takes place on Spring Bank Holiday when residents of Cooper's Hill gather to roll and chase Double Gloucester cheese down the hill.

A block of Double Gloucester cheese would make an ideal seasonal element for a cheese roll party. That's why Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can head to Nook Shopping to purchase the Season Item, which is available for 1200 Bells. Players looking to spruce up their home with a block of cheese should hurry as, like other seasonal items, it is only available for a limited time.

Unfortunately, the position itself is not as interesting as the festival. It is not interactive so players cannot enjoy rolling it down the hill. However, it would still be a wonderful decorative element. Additionally, if you're a gamer who likes to collect rare Animal Crossing: New Horizons items, this might be for you.

"Love cheese to race the Double Gloucester down the hill at 62mph?" Many people in Europe do this! It's all good and fun until someone gets the curds. "

The item will leave Nook Shopping on May 31, along with two other seasonal items. If players aren't interested in Double Gloucester cheese, they can buy cloves for 1600 Bells instead. Plus, they can also get a Thank Mummy mug for 600 Bells.