ACNH provides the best villagers for superheroes and comic book fans

For all the Animal Crossing players in superheroes and comics, there are tons of villagers who fit the cape crusader archetype.

With the customizable and free form of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it's no surprise that players can tailor their island to the locals who live there. Comic book and superhero fans will be pleased to know that there are a whole host of masked crusader-type islanders who fit the crime fighter theme in personality, outfits, or home decor. In addition to a series of superhero-specific villagers, other villagers draw parallels to popular comic book characters.

Acquiring specific inhabitants is not an easy task and requires some work from the players. One of the easiest ways is to purchase the Animal Crossing Amiibo card. These cards can be scanned for play and essentially invite the villagers to visit your island and see if they like it. It also has certain requirements that some villagers have before entering, which is another step players can take to secure the character.

Players can also try random encounters by exploring uninhabited islands via Animal Crossing Nook Miles tickets or via the Animal Crossing Island Campground. This process is a less reliable way to find a specific villager, but it won't cost players any extra money. Recruiting villagers is a matter of time and money, and players will have to decide how much of their time is worth recruiting villagers.

Kid Cat - the first hero to go through animals

Kid Cat, a jockey-style villager, is number one in the superhero character series in Animal Crossing. He loves fitness and sports and can ask for a superhero base in his home. Kid Cat can also compete with the player in the competition in catching fish and insects.

Mira - an animal transition bold and bold

Mira is a sister rabbit peasant woman who wears a mask and a stylish superhero dress. She gives players tips on how to defeat their enemies in battle and is determined to help those in need.

Agent S - Peppy Sidekick from Animal Crossing

A hero always needs a helper, and that's where Agent S comes in. She is the cheerful squirrel who is number two on the superhero series Animal Crossing and gets excited quickly and makes friends easily. She will ask for a superhero training room in her home and is determined to save the world at all costs.

Big Top - the villain from Animal Crossing

Big Top is the third in the line of superhero-themed villagers and is often considered the villain of the series. Despite his lazy personality, his wickedness is often attributed to his slogan "World Domination!" Despite its disturbing tagline, Big Top is still as friendly as any other villager.

Rocket - The friendly pink gorilla from Animal Crossing

Next in the superhero-themed villager franchise is Rocket, the gorilla sister sister with a pink helmet and matching suit. He is an easy friend and will offer medicine if Animal Crossing players get stung by wasps. He will apply for a superhero's shelter in his home to become a permanent resident.

Stinky - the weaker hero of Animal Crossing

Although Stinky is not a typical superhero-themed village dweller, his hobbies of professional wrestling, fitness, and his penchant for wearing a mask can still appeal to comic book fans. Cat athletes, he is excitable but compact and will challenge players to push each other.

If players are unable to get hold of one of these specific inhabitants, fear not, there are still ways to experience the comic book lifestyle in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Not only do Able Sisters sell lots of unique super suits, the community has also designed tons of custom outfits, from the Iron Man suit to the golden Wonder Woman armor. Fans have also lovingly recreated the Bat Cave in Avengers Tower and shared online tutorials for others to follow.