ACNH update removes hacked items

While fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons waited patiently for the big fall update, the release of the patch didn't just bring new gadgets and game mechanics. The Fall Update also removes hacked Animal Crossing items, and a popular fence is inherited from New Horizons players.

This isn't the only update where Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have seen Nintendo work against hacked items, as Dream Islands with hacked Star Fragment trees were removed in July. While players will not be penalized for using the hacked fence, a unique design seen only on Harv's photography island, fans will jump back to their islands to find that the fence has completely disappeared.

The only way to get your fence back is to never download the Fall Update, although missing out on all the fun new Halloween furniture for your fence doesn't seem worth it. While picking up the fence makes sense given the item was distributed by hackers and not intended to be available, fans were still quick to mourn the loss of Harv's fence on social media. By simply searching for 'hacked fences' on Twitter, there will be dozens of fan comments about the fence being removed. A user named Gina shared what their island looks like naked without fences, while another user named Eli had a suggestion on how to implement the hacked items in the game.

A Twitter user suggests that completing a mini Harvey quest should allow players to self-unlock for the popular hacked fences. In addition to regularly adding new DIYs to New Horizons, making a new Harv fence certainly seems wise. Eli also suggests allowing KK to give players their stool if they listen to enough shows, while allowing players to plant a star fragment tree after each meteor shower. It's unclear whether Nintendo will ever make these items available, but the Animal Crossing community apparently has good ideas for making hacked items legal.

Players who only tinker with official items added by the Animal Crossing developers will likely want to learn the new pumpkin mechanics. Planting pumpkins allows them to grow for a period of time just as they really are, and once they are fully grown, the pumpkins can be used to make beautiful Halloween furnishings. With the ability to decorate furniture with pumpkins and wear multiple Halloween costumes, this update should keep Animal Crossing players busy until winter arrives.

With one player even finding a way to dress up as BioShock's little sister for Halloween, this Animal Crossing update should be a safe alternative to your normal outdoor activities. Given the creativity of Animal Crossing players, it won't be long before they find a way to trick-or-treat in-game as well.