Animal Crossing Bush Guide: When Each Bush Is In Season

In addition to other plants like trees and flowers, shrubs are a great way to decorate your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Added in April 2020 Patch 1.2, these shrubs come in a variety of varieties and colors, adding an extra touch of floral aesthetics to brighten up exterior designs and increase appreciation for the island. However, each bush is only in season for a short time, meaning players can only enjoy their beautiful flowers during certain times of the year. In order for their gardens to flourish, players can plant new shrubs every season or simply wait for their shrubs to bloom as the year progresses.

Shrubs can be purchased from Leif as "grated" shrubs which take 3 days to grow after planting. Leif is one of the many traveling NPCs who randomly appear on the island to sell their wares, and horticulture specialist Animal Crossing brings a supply of shrubs, flowers and produce to players' islands. It takes two different types of shrubs with it each time, and players can also choose between all the available color combinations. The bushes cost 280 Bells to buy and sell for 70 Bells at Nook's Cranny, and players can buy them individually or as a quantity of 5. There will only be one type of bush in the season at a time, and Leif will always sell them if he comes to town with another type that is out of season.

With the Animal Crossing 2.0 update in November, Leif can also be found on Harv's Island as part of the market collective that Harv and Harriet founded. After giving 100.00 of Bells to one of the Lloids for the store opening, Leif will be open from 5am to 11pm. unless Leif has already visited the player's island then the booth will be closed. While the addition of Harv's Island stores gives players access to the merchant NPC without waiting for them to randomly appear on the player's island, the items in the Leif's store will only rotate once a week, so players will need to be patient or start looking for them from you. is available.

When each bush will bloom at the crossing of animals

In addition to the Leif Store, Animal Crossing players will also be able to find bushes on Mystery Island Tours after being added in Update 2.0. Not only have the new Plumeria shrubs in v2.0 released on these islands, but all shrubs can be found on islands that bloom at the right times of the year, giving players the chance to dig them up and take them home. While these bushes are technically free to access, trips to Mystery Island cost 1,000 ACNH Nook Miles tickets, and Kapp'n only takes players one trip a day. Players looking for an additional Plumeria shrub can also get it for free from Animal Crossing's Happy Home Archipelago School if they have the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

After the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update, a total of 7 types of shrubs are available in the game, most of them in 2 different color variations, giving players a total of 13 unique shrubs. However, shrubs only bloom during the season, although their leaves change color as the seasons change, as do Animal Crossing trees. Otherwise, the shrubs differ in color and shape of the leaves, which vary slightly depending on the variety and allow players to tell them apart even when they are not blooming. Additionally, while each shrub blooms at a different time of the year, the new Plumeria shrub is superimposed on hydrangea and hibiscus shrubs and blooms all summer long.

Animal Crossing Bush Guide - Tips, Tricks and Where to Plant

The shrubs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are a very versatile plant and can be successfully planted in areas where trees do not grow, allowing players to add more depth and decoration to their outdoor projects. Shrubs can be planted in areas adjacent to buildings, fences, slopes, bridges, and trees, although they will not grow planted in sand as they need soil. Shrubs not only add texture to areas with lots of foliage, such as forests and parks, but also create beautiful accents for buildings and paths with their rounded shapes and beautiful colors. However, unlike flowers, Animal Crossing does not have hybrid shrubs, and their flowers cannot be harvested during the flowering period.

Fortunately, shrubs are very easy to care for and require no watering at all when growing or fully grown, and shrubs such as flowers or crops are not affected by watering. Players can also dig up and replant bushes with a shovel, and even fully grown bushes do not require players to eat or eat fruit to move them due to their light nature. Also, similar to the rocks in Animal Crossing, snails will spawn on the bushes when it rains, giving players a better chance of catching these cute creatures with an insect net. With the options available, players have a lot of flexibility when it comes to planting the perfect garden for their paradise on Animal Crossing Island.