Animal Crossing design ideas to get ready for fall 2021

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is nearing its collapse in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning players are likely to get new ideas. Pumpkins, spooky items, mushrooms and DIY are sure to return in 2o21. There are so many fall options at ACNH that designing or decorating for the season is a joy on any island.

Fall is one of the most exciting seasons at Animal Crossing. Northern Hemisphere players enjoy the fall from September to November. The island's aesthetics change drastically in these months; the leaves on the trees turn red and brown, the grass and weeds become more muted, and new vegetation grows everywhere. Moreover, New Horizons organizes huge Halloween and Turkish Day events.

All these changes during the harvest season make ACNH's design possibilities endless. Whether gamers are looking for subtle autumn twists or a full-blown horror game, there are DIY items, items, and cheats for each island. Here are some of the best Animal Crossing: New Horizons design ideas to inspire creativity for fall 2021.

Play with the lights for the fall of ACNH

Fall is synonymous with all spooky things, so it seems appropriate that many of the Animal Crossing Fall items are illuminated. The Spooky collection has several arrangements of pumpkin lanterns with bright smiles that are perfect for a night out. However, experimenting with other forms of lighting this fall can really take any decor to the next level. The numerous elements of fire from New Horizons can be very useful in designing a cozy campfire. Here, my.animalcnh uses Festivale items and custom crescent chairs to create an imaginative and beautiful fall scene.

Grow pumpkins and mushrooms in the fall of ACNH

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, fall is the season when pumpkins and mushrooms shine. Players can plant pumpkin starters and collect naturally growing mushrooms for DIY and customization of Animal Crossing items. In addition to this benefit, both pumpkins and mushrooms are great for decorating with each other. In this fleursacnh area, it shows how pumpkins and mushrooms can add an autumn twist without immediately becoming a holiday theme.

Experiment with custom ACNH descent codes

Seasonal Custom Codes are a simple and effective way to bring Fall vibes to each New Horizons island. Using cheats with warm colors, leaves, mushrooms or pumpkins makes any island look autumnal. There are now twice as many places for custom designs in Animal Crossing as last fall, so there are endless design options for working with any theme. Custom fall trail codes like colin.crossing are a subtle detail that connects the entire area.