Animal Crossing: How To Farm Balloons

Balloons are one of the additions that players will experience in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There is a balloon with a gift attached and you can use your catapult to launch it from the sky. They drop clothes, furniture, Animal Crossin bells, and rare DIY recipes so check them out.

These balloons are the only way to get unique do-it-yourself recipes at some events, and that leads to the question of how to grow balloons. There are some tips and tricks as well as a proven method that professionals often use to collect countless balloons!

Where are they spawning?

Balloons can appear on the island from any direction, but in one day it is enough to look one way. Remember that the spawns change every sunset and sunset and some say it is 6am and 6pm. where the switch was made. You can check the respawn site as this is where the balloons come from.

Take a walk on the beach

Once you know which direction the balloons are flying from, you can go for a walk on the beach. The best way to find them is to listen to them as there is a distinctive whistle to indicate that it is nearby.

If you know someone should spawn soon, run up and down the beach from the spawn to find them. Also, keep in mind that the color of the balloon will sometimes indicate what's inside, but this isn't always a guarantee.

Watch the time

A new balloon will appear every fourth and ninth minutes, but you won't see it until the fifth and tenth minutes. For example, balloons show up at 3:14 and 3:19, but you don't see them until 3:15 or 3:20.

Current wind direction

You need to consider the direction of the wind as it can change the balloon's course as it passes over your island. It's worth taking a moment to look at the balloon to know where their wind is blowing. This is the line you want to follow if you're on the other side of the island trying to catch the rarest fish for spawning and find out where it will likely end up.

The tall wall trick

One trick that players have discovered is that using a tall wall can change the direction of the balloon as the balloons change course when they encounter a building. Once you've figured out where they are grazing, it's recommended that you create a wall along the entire island, and most people use prison bars or a climbing wall.

The balloon will hit this wall and change its course to head directly south, so all you have to do is stand at the end and wait to shoot it down. It can be boring to just sit, but if you are trying to acquire all of the coolest event DIYs then this is what you should be doing to make your life easier.