Animal Crossing Isabelle is an explanation of the bell fan theory

According to a popular fan theory, Isabelle from Animal Crossing New Horizon may just be a real bell. A popular character who made his debut in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is often thought of as a Shih Tzu, but there's at least one theory that says he might be someone else entirely. There is compelling evidence that Isabelle may not be a dog at all; maybe it's actually a bell.

Bells are the money of the Animal Crossing universe. Animal Crossing Bells are used for everything from loans, housing and infrastructure payments to everyday transactions, and are a ubiquitous concept in Animal Crossing games. There's no specific suggestion that they're otherwise magical, but in Isabelle's case, some players are willing to make an exception to most mundane events of the series (aside from talking animals, of course).

Isabelle seemed like a pretty straightforward character when she was introduced to New Leaf. He is a character with a kind and caring personality who goes out of his way to help the player every step of the way. However, there is compelling evidence that Isabelle is actually an Animal Crossing currency, somehow transformed into a sentient being. It's a strange idea, maybe even a little disturbing, but should be considered now that it's been put forward.

Is Isabelle from Animal Crossing a real bell?

Especially when looking at Isabelle from Animal Crossing as a Build-a-Bear creation, she looks like a Shih Tzu, but on closer inspection, other options could be suggested. While yes Isabelle clearly has a lot of dog-like features, people should take a closer look at the shape of her head. Isabelle's head has almost the same shape as the game shows a bag of bubbles. Her head is shaped like a bag and her ponytail is very similar to the top of the bag. In some cases, players were even able to distinguish two small bell-shaped ornaments on the hair elastic itself. It may be the faintest of physical evidence, but Isabelle's yellow color isn't much different from the golden hue of the bells in the Animal Crossing world, either.

If the physical resemblance isn't convincing enough, there's even more obvious evidence that many players fail to notice: her name. While "Isabelle" may seem like a common name at first, breaking it bit by bit reveals "it's a bell." Her name can literally be taken as a statement that her currency is coming to life. Many AC players probably never thought of Isabelle's name, but when studied in conjunction with her bell-shaped head, it feels a bit too much like the nose to be a mere coincidence.

So what does this mean in terms of the Animal Crossing tradition? Is Isabelle really a bag of bells that somehow came to life in the form of a yellow, dog-like creature? By some AC standards, this doesn't seem like a very far-reaching option. After all, Animal Crossing New Horizons is known for its wands that allow the player to change their appearance with a simple wave. The magic behind the wands has never been explained, and as with all of Isabelle's theory, it's probably best if players don't think too much about it. The idea of ??Isabelle getting life from an inanimate object is a bit disturbing and maybe less fun than making fun of her. There's a possibility that Animal Crossing Isabelle is more than anyone could have imagined, it's probably best to ignore it all and still see her as everyone's favorite Shih Tzu.