Animal Crossing: New Horizons: September brings a lot of new additions

Animal Crossing: New Horizons released an update in September. In addition to the monthly updates that players have received so far, there will be a lot of seasonal changes in the game.

Since September, the weather has changed in the northern and southern hemispheres. Summer ends in the northern hemisphere and gives way to a fall. And winter ends in the southern hemisphere and leads to spring. Animal migration: New horizons: Changes we will see from September.

Acorns and pine cones

September will bring a number of new seasonal craft supplies that will be available throughout the island. Players earn acorns and cones if they tremble the trees on their island a little longer than usual. From them, various seasonal items can be made based on seasonal Animal Crossing Items DIY recipes.

Items that can be made include acorn bags, a balancing toy, a pine bonsai, and a pile of yellow leaves.

However, this change is limited to the Northern Hemisphere, as Southern Hemisphere players were given these items when the game started.


Trees, shrubs and leaves take on vivid autumn colors.

The red and yellow hibiscus bush stop blooming. Therefore, it is a good time to plant new varieties that are within your reach, such as yellow-orange tea olives.

Other seasonal items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Players delighted with the Grape Harvest Basket, a cute and delicious backpack that will be available at Nook Stop. The backpack is celebrated on the feast of the grape harvest, and the bag is a sign of the products they are used with. The harvest basket will be available worldwide, although the concept is traditionally European.

New critters

As tons of fish and worms cover the curtain towards the end of this month, a whole new series of creatures is arriving on the players ’islands.

Plus, since this is the first big change in the game, most will be available for the first time. There is no doubt that fishing will become more exciting. Fish such as pike, cherry salmon and trout will be available in large quantities.

Nooks Cranny Store

The Nooks Cranny Store is updated every time the season changes, with a new design and refined details inside and outside the store.

Timmy and Tommy will be responsible for changing the themes of the decorations that represent autumn and Halloween. On the door is an exhibition of pumpkins and silhouettes of mushrooms.

The coming months are sure to be very exciting. The look of the game is completely changing. Nintendo may announce more updates as the days get closer and provide more intricate details.

Until then, make sure you catch all the other worms and fish for this season. They will not be available until next year.