Animal Crossing Player adds authentic rice rice to its island

The player in Animal Crossing: New Horizons designed the perfect rice field and brought the rice fields to his island in authentic style. The Nintendo Hit will allow players to bring their dream creations to life using the various tools in the game, and creative players will create everything from restaurants to Studio Ghibli recreation in Animal Crossing.

Upon completion of Animal Crossing: New Horizons' early loop, players will have access to the game's full set of design tools, including terraforming skills that will allow players to carve their islands. Terraforming adds cliff building features as well as the ability to create wetlands such as rivers, lakes and ponds to brighten up boring islands. Terraforming can take island designs to new heights, giving users the freedom to transform their flat land to fit just about any design imaginable. Using Animal Crossing's design and terraforming options, creative players have pre-designed everything from Winter Wonderland to Hyrule The Legend of Zelda.

Redditor aLine impressed the Animal Crossing subreddit with its beautiful rice field build. The finished look consists of small rectangular terraformed areas surrounded by water. Each space is an individual "rice" field, imitated by game weeds. The structure is simply furnished, with only an insect in a cage and a few planted shrubs, no custom content. The Reddit video visitors to the paddy field received over 5,000 votes on Reddit at the time of writing, and many praise the creator's intuitive and clever design.

If Animal Crossing players want to build their own rice field on the island, the look is simple enough to recreate. After delineating the land for rice fields and terraforming the surrounding wetlands, players must establish a Dark Dirty Path to mimic freshly farmed land and plant weeds there. Unfortunately, having too many weeds lowers the Island Rating, so those looking to maintain their five-star rating can benefit from the fake weeds obtained through custom design paths.

While Animal Crossing allows players to plant flowers, trees, and pumpkins, rice is not available in the game. Pumpkins were added to Animal Crossing last year, allowing players to plant and grow pumpkins of different colors. Without the option to grow fruit and vegetables, these clever developers have found ways to use in-game items disguised as vegetables in Animal Crossing's farming islands or vegetable gardens. Nintendo has not confirmed whether there will be new additions in future updates.

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