Animal Crossing's Best Solstice 2021 Nook Shopping Items

The Solstice returns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with new items for players in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres that can be purchased from Nook Shopping. Here's what players should pay attention to this month.

Both Summer and Winter Solstices had appeared in previous titles, so many fans of the series did not want them reintroduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons last year. Many other holidays that were featured frequently in the series were also added to the latest version. Animal Crossing's Bunny Day in particular sparked controversy among players who interrupted and overwhelmed ordinary gameplay with the infamous egg hunt mechanism.

On the other hand, solstices are less overbearing. While the villagers usually have unique dialogues to commemorate the holidays, the overall gameplay of New Horizons doesn't change much. However, it introduces new items that can be purchased via the terminal or the Nook Shopping app. What Animal Crossing items should players be careful about this year?

Animal Crossing's Solstice 2021 adds a sunflower dress and an Aurora Wall

This is not the first time the solstice has changed. Animal Crossing: New Horizons holidays and events repeat every year, with each iteration adding new items for players who have already experienced the holiday. This is how Nintendo tries to keep the gameplay fresh while also making sure that new players are not blocked or able to collect all the items in the game. This year's Summer Solstice introduces two new items that were first revealed by Nintendo, although only one will be available at a time, and its availability will depend on whether players are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. The Northern Hemisphere receives the Sunflower, while players in the Southern Hemisphere can place their hands on the Aurora wall.

While both pieces of furniture were released earlier, New Horizons' varied schedule meant they weren't available to all players at the same time last December. The Aurora Wall was available in the Northern Hemisphere during the 2020 Winter Solstice, and this month's Summer Solstice will be available to players in the Southern Hemisphere for the first time. Likewise, the Sunflower Blanket is now only available to players in the Northern Hemisphere. The 2020 New Horizons Solstice items, the flower crown and the T-shirt have also been restored for players who might have missed them the first time. Players will need to wait until the next Solstice this year to see what other new items will be coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.