Animal Crossing: What Will Happen If You Don't Pay Off Tom Nook

Players have been deeply indebted to Tom Nook since Animal Crossing: New Horizons first launched, spending most of the early game paying off their first home loan (and then upgrades). In fact, this feature was an important part of almost every game in the series; which has led some to wonder what would happen if they chose to drop it altogether and simply refuse to pay their debts in full to Tom Nook.

ACNH follows a formula that has become virtually standard for the franchise by this point: players build a house, pay off Tom Nook, and then upgrade their New Horizons home to ever greater dimensions and levels of complexity. These upgrades obviously cost even more Animal Crossing Bells, and at the end of the game, players will be paying a total of millions trying to get the most out of their home. While the larger size and extensive customization options may be worthwhile for some, many players fear the hours of work required to earn enough to pay off multiple layers of Tom Nook's home loans over and over again.

Fortunately, home improvements in New Horizons are not required. Players don't need to expand their home further if they don't want to, although this option is unlikely to be of benefit to those who approach Animal Crossing with a comprehensive mindset. However, in addition to limiting home size and limiting player goals within New Horizons, are there serious ramifications to consider if you choose not to pay off Tom Nook?

How does default on loans affect the passing of animals?

New Horizons loans do not operate on a specific schedule. There is no set payment date, and Tom Nook will apparently be waiting endlessly, with no rush for players to pay him off. This means there is plenty of time to decide if the loans are worth it and earn enough money to complete all upgrades so players can experience the game at their own pace and earn more Bells using whatever method they use. i like it best. Animal Crossing is probably not meant to be a stressful experience, so it doesn't make borrowing an immediate problem to solve. They also don't charge interest over time; however, it is worth noting that players cannot take out new loans until they are paying off their outstanding loans.

Given that so many Animal Crossing fans use the series as a relaxing getaway, which partly leads to New Horizons' reputation as a "cozy game," it seems as if it would go against the franchise's design if it were borrowed over the course of the game. will change over time. will become a more pressing problem in the future. o Conversely, adding additional consequences to the refusal to return Tom Nook would add new gameplay elements to New Horizons, something that could help the game recover from its current lack of meaningful content. Given that additional Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates appear likely in the near future, it is likely that players will soon find out if the game's approach to loaning will change any time soon.