​How to Grow Pumpkins at Animal Crossing

Pumpkins are a new plant from the Animal Crossing series that players can edit to create Halloween decorations. Here's how to grow them in New Horizons.

For the first time in the series' history, players in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be able to grow and harvest pumpkins. While growing fruit in trees and watering flowers in gardens has always been a staple for Animal Crossing fans, this is the first time this amazing gourd can be grown.

The pumpkins were added appropriately during the Fall 2020 update to celebrate the arrival of October and Halloween. Now, spooky celebrations are more alive than ever thanks to more in-depth adaptations of New Horizon. To get ready for an event or to decorate the island with pretty pumpkin patches, here's how to get them.

Growing a pumpkin patch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

From the first day of October, Pumpkin Starts can be purchased from the locker at Nook's Cranny, where tools and wallpaper are sold. They are at the top of the list, alongside seasonal candies, and cost 280 bells apiece. Since 3 native fruits sell for 300 Animal Crossing bells, 1 tree will earn you enough money to trade for one pumpkin. Timmy and Tommy also sell them in bulk, 5 for 1,400 bells. A fruit tree that does not come from a player's island can be sold for 1500, which allows players to buy pumpkins in bulk if they have enough imported products. Alternatively, Leif the sloth sells side dishes when he visits the island. After the end of October, this will be the only way players will have to get hold of this colorful pumpkin. Don't ignore him, even if he arrives this month as his starts are being sold at a discounted price!

Just like flowers, which players are used to growing, so are pumpkins. Find the area suitable for the patch, select the starting point in your inventory and choose the option to plant them. It will then appear under the player's feet, so make sure you are in the designated planting area. Their sprouts can still be dug up and planted, so don't worry if they get lost. The trailer for this update shows pumpkins planted in a soil made by a padmaker, but that's just for aesthetics. Those who just started playing and haven't unlocked this feature can still participate in the fall season. In addition, they can be delivered in 4 different colors: the iconic orange, yellow, green and white.

Pumpkins ripen after 4 days before they can be sold and crafted, but players can earn even more if they water them with a watering can every day. When that happens, they grow into clusters of 3 instead of 1! Not only will there be more to use in DIY decorative recipes, but more will be available for sale. Everyone sells for 300, so 3 of them will produce 900 bells. This ensures that economic players get more than they originally paid, but don't sell them all. Planting 1 pumpkin in the ground is necessary to start a new patch without buying any more. Consider planting them near Nook's Cranny or on the way so they can be easily harvested on the way to sale. Pumpkins are a welcome addition to New Horizons, sold as a cash crop, used for fall decorations, or to add to the island's fall flavor.