Invite new residents to your Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island

Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows the player to live a happy and peaceful life on a desert island with 10 villagers of their choice. These villagers and their different personalities and unique characteristics make island life much more fun and interesting. However, they are not present on the island from the very beginning; players must ensure that these villagers live on their island.

There are currently 397 confirmed village residents in Animal Crossing. So how can players make 10 of them stay on their island? This article serves as a guide on how players can invite villagers to their Animal Crossing Islands.

Inviting villagers to Animal Crossing Island

There are three main methods of inviting villagers to live on a player's Animal Crossing Island:

Mysterious Islands

Players can travel to the Mysterious Islands with Nook Miles ticket. There they will meet a random villager. If the villager is someone they like, they can talk to him. After talking to the villager, players will be able to encourage or discourage the villager from moving to the island.

If a player takes place on his island, he will see that this villager moved to his island the next day after purchasing a housing kit that the player had for sale.

Players should remember, however, that they cannot control what kind of inhabitants they encounter on the Mysterious Island. So if they want to make several trips, they need to make sure they have enough miles to the Nook.

Pick up a villager from a friend's island

Instead of visiting Mysterious Islands, players can also visit their friend's island to gain new residents. However, make sure it is a villager who wants your friend to leave his island. Otherwise the peasant will not come.

Once they are sure, players can visit their friend's island and chat with the villager, encouraging them to live on their island. The next day, players will see this villager on their island.

Using Amiibo Cards

As players progress on their Animal Crossing journey, they will see an upgrade to the Nook Stop on their island. There, they can now scan the amiibo and miibo cards to invite the villagers to their island. However, they can only do this once a day.

There are a few things players should keep in mind when it comes to inviting villagers to their island.

When they drive the villager off their island, it is unlikely that they will visit their island again.

Visiting village residents who are discouraged from living on the player's island will no longer be visited frequently.

If players invite a villager to live on their island when they already have 10 villagers, the new villager can select one of the existing villagers to evict; players have no control over it.

While previous Animal Crossing titles only allowed villagers to move to the island, New Horizons allows players to do the hard work on their own. While this process can be a bit tedious, it's also fun.