The Animal Crossing player recreates Iconic Spirited Away Scenes

The player Animal Crossing: New Horizons cleverly recreated some of the iconic scenes from Ghibli's 'Spirited Away' movie, using elements from the smash hit Nintendo game. Animal Crossing challenges players to create beautiful AC island designs using a variety of items and custom content, while movie scene recreations utilize the game's tools to perfection.

The designers of Animal Crossing have been making their creative visions a reality since the game's launch in 2020. Using a variety of in-game items, clever photo tricks, and custom content, game fans can transform their islands into just about anything they want by building anything from restaurants to clever optical illusions. Unfortunately, the lack of interactivity in the item catalog means that most island designs are intended solely for aesthetic and non-functional constructions. While many hope this will change in a future Animal Crossing update, others are using the game's tools to play their favorite videos.

A Redditor and AC IsleofBunny fan has been impressing the r / Animal Crossing subreddit for several months now with their amazing Ghibli inspired compilations. The talented builder has now recreated many of the recognizable moments and locations from the movie, including "Inside the Bathhouse", "Ghost Ship" and the particularly impressive "Hook Attack", along with the Haku water spirit. More user creations can be found on Instagram IsleofBunny, where the player shows off their builds while working to shape the entire island around the classic movie.

The player used many different Animal Crossing items in the game to recreate the scenes, but also used custom content. The game allows players to create and share pixel designs in Animal Crossing that can be used on a variety of in-game items. The custom designed panels are the player's way of recreating a window with the Haku River spirit appearing to pass through. In addition to custom content, the user has used many Japanese-themed elements to get the look right, including bonsai trees and an imperial fence. Gamers looking to recreate their favorite scenes from the Ghibli movie can expect the design process to take some time, with the user explaining that it can take anywhere from one to two days to complete each area.

Animal Crossing will receive another update later this year, which will likely bring new items to the game. The title has received many updates since its release, and recently brought back Animal Crossing firework displays. Summer shows are available every Sunday in August before they are removed. While it is unclear what will be introduced this year, AC fans can likely look forward to new themed item sets that are likely to inspire tons of new island design ideas.