The Animal Crossing playground gym protects the player from the Tarantula

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan showed how the Playground Gym item can protect players from the attacks of tarantulas. You can catch a lot of insects in Animal Crossing, but tarantulas, wasps, and scorpions are the most dangerous because they not only move fast, but also make players pass out if they come into contact with them.

Animal Crossing players looking to replenish their museum collection must find and catch one of all the bugs in the game. A wide variety of bugs can be found, including rare and seasonal fishing, making completing a complete catalog a serious undertaking. Some of the rarer bugs are also very valuable, making them highly sought after by many players. When players use Nook Miles tickets to travel to other islands, players have the chance to land on an island filled with tarantulas or scorpions. These rare Animal Crossing Islands offer the chance to make many Bells through their numerous spawns, but also challenge even the most seasoned bug-catcher.

Fan Redditor and Animal Crossing NessCyanide surprised players with his video showing how players can use the Playground Gym element to stay safe in the presence of a tarantula. The clip shows the user sitting on a gym piece in the playground, causing the tarantula to run on the ground and unable to reach it. Interestingly, the player even manages to destroy the tarantula using the Island Stomp reaction, apparently to the relief of a concerned Sasha who looks around nearby. Post commentators shared their surprise not only about the death of the tarantula, but also the discovery that the playroom serves as a seat, as well as a tall platform to protect fans from insect attacks.

A children's playground is one of the many beloved Animal Crossing facilities available at the Nook Stop Retail Terminal. Unlike regular items, Nook Stop goods are purchased with Nook Miles instead of Animal Crossing Bells, making them slightly more valuable to players than the average Nook's Cranny item. Playground Gym has been in the game since its launch in 2020, but as one of the larger items available at launch, many players seem to assume it's a decorative piece, not a functional chair.

NessCyanide's Reddit post shows a new way for fans to escape the wrath of Animal Crossing's more dangerous bugs. Most of the time, fans run away from tarantulas and scorpions that they cannot catch, trying to get to a safe house or other building to chase them away. Gamers quickly learned that ACNH wasps are disappearing along with the party popper, and now it seems tarantula conservation is also possible for those with a little imagination, a gym in the playground and stomping on the island.