The Best Ways to Make Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What are Bells?

Bells are the main currency in all Animal Crossing games, Nook Miles have been introduced in New Horizons. Bells are used for many things, such as paying off your home loan, buying Animal Crossing items and clothes in stores, and many other things. You can see how many rings you have on hand by pressing X and looking at the lower left corner of your pocket. You can also place calls in your ABD by using the Nook Point in City Hall. There are many different and interesting ways to create Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and this guide will show you the 4 best ways to create them.

1. Turnip

The turnip is your best friend in the game as it is the key to making a lot of money. They are not the fastest ways to make Bells if you play the game as intended. If you play this way, it takes a week to search for a really good turnip price. It's because they are rotting and Daisy Mae is coming back so you can buy more. And if you're impatient, use the Velcro swap site to queue up to buy and sell turnips. Check out our article on how the stem market works. Buying Velcro pouches for 100 bells and then reselling them for more than 500 bells adds up to about 2,000,000 bells. That's how you make a profit!

2. Insects and fish

CJ and Flick will visit your island from time to time, this is a great opportunity for you to sell any fish or worms you have collected in the past week. They will both offer to buy fish / worms for 150% more than their normal value. The rarer the fish or worm, the higher the price. For example, Flick buys Scorpions from you for 12,000 bells, while Timmy and Tommy buy them for 8,000 clocks. With that in mind, keep in mind any rare fish and critters you come across as they can pay off much later. The specific Nook Mile Islands spawn rare fish / insects, so your chances of making big bucks are even better when you find yourself seeing them.

Fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons have come to the conclusion that if you travel to a mysterious island that is completely flat with no river running across it, you can create either Tarantula Island or Scorpio Island. By removing all trees, bamboo, weeds, stones and flowers, you have successfully cut down common insects from spawning. If you dig an L shape and run around the island with the net, you can catch and catch tarantulas / scorpions with ease.

3. Sell to Timmy and Tommy

Stopping by Nook Crannys and selling anything you don't need anymore is a quick way to make Animal Crossing bells. The rarer the item, the more bells you will get for it. Nook Cranny offers a "What's hot today" service where you create items and buy them for an additional fee. Not only will this help you create bells, it will also remove any extra material you don't need.

4. Let others visit your island

When a specific NPC character visits your island, you can use the Velcro switch page to safely open up your island to other players. With this you can ask for an entrance fee, which can be as much as you want. You can also ask for directions. This website can also be used to host your island if you have a high pickup price. The higher the price, the more popular your island will be! Some players will be waiting in long lines to visit you Timmy and Tommy to sell their turnips.

And these are our top four ways to make Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!