The weirdest, bizarre items in the Animal Crossing update

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update promised a flood of new items - and a few weeks after its release, it's clear that the update has absolutely arrived. Players are busy collecting cute new gyroids by using glowing moss and vines, and adding baffles and hanging lighting to their interiors. There are also many new useful Animal Crossing items for designing beautiful islands, from castle towers for building fortresses to pergolas and gazebos for gardens.

But there are also a handful of slightly more bizarre items that players have stumbled upon and started building builds. Here are some of the favorite unconventional Polygon items you can find at Nook's Cranny.

Rescue Mannequin

This one has been a sensation since players first discovered it. If you've ever trained as a lifeguard or just attended CPR class, you may be familiar with this type of manikin. But it's also very similar to an emergency dummy or just a body replacement dummy - and players have found tons of fun ways to use it to recreate movie scenes, causing overall chaos and chaos.

Titan Arum (Corpse Flower)

This otherworldly looking plant is nothing but the infamous Titan Arum or amorphophallus titanum - popularly known as the Corpse Flower, due to its pungent smell, these real plants secrete on rare occasions when they bloom. If you are considering buying this bad boy, you may want to know that the stench has been compared to "rotten meat," according to The Huntington, a California botanical garden, library and research facility that has one of his rare flowers. (They called them "smelly").

The corpse flower is one of the tallest flowers in existence - this phallic spadix can be six to eight feet tall. It rarely blooms and only remains open for a day. But if you buy it from Nook Brothers, you can enjoy its lovely stench all year round.

Cold Sleep Pod

If you or any of your inhabitants anticipate that you will have to enter the cold, hard lull of cryogenic sleep, the Nook brothers are here to ensure that. This vaguely menacing capsule is a science fiction fan's dream come true - and space-themed constructions have always been a major part of New Horizons, with existing items like UFOs or starry night items donated by Celeste. But it's still shocking that it's sold at Nook's Cranny.

Creepy Skeleton

A pile of bones is a grim sight, but at least this item already has "creepy" in its name. Are these bones ... real? Are those props? If the skeleton is real, it's especially troublesome to buy it from the Nook brothers, who casually sell it on the counter alongside household items like typewriters and chairs.

That said, it's the perfect item for anyone who is die-hard Halloween fan, has a spooky island theme, or creates an archaeological themed island.

Vine Hanging Chair

This one might look cute and feel like a perfectly normal accessory - but I personally found it cursed. This vine hammock chair gives me a big Harry Potter and a Philosopher's Stone, with a mess that seems fit to eat, who is unlucky enough to sit in it. Besides, it doesn't even look comfortable? That said, even if I hadn't personally been to it, it looks great alongside other new grapevine products.