Top tips on how to get every exclusive item this March in ACNH

Everyday life can leave its mark on our bodies and even keep us away from our favorite titles for a while. Fortunately, fans of Animal Crossing New Horizons can still use simple tricks to stay up-to-date and get all the items from the various events. The key events of February have just appeared in the title, and March has just arrived, which will also bring some interesting events and with them some great Animal Crossing items.

Players can use time travel as a way to survive all important events and retrieve items. This simple trick helps millions of players keep up with the game, even if they don't log in every day.

List of all major items and events added to Animal Crossing New Horizons

The title will bring fun events throughout the year and fans will have a lot of work to keep up with. In February, there were many important events that enriched the game with great things.

Fans even saw Pave serenade the peacock dancing all over the island with his remarkable dancing and Festivale skills. This event also added a special Venetian carnival mask that fans choose for the Festival. The items were available from February 7 to March 1 and can be purchased at Nook's lobbies in the Seasonal section.

Hinamatsuri was also celebrated last month, adding a series of amazing puppets to the game. This Japanese festival is celebrated from February 25 to March 3 and these dolls can also be picked up from Nook's hole in the Season tab.

At the first big festival in March, you cook cakes because it's dish day. Celebrated from March 1 to 14, Pie Day also allows you to choose special cakes from the seasonal menu in the corners.

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Everyone's beloved Clover Day has finally reappeared in the New Horizons with great items for Clover Day and new DIY recipes. You can pick up items such as Shamrock Glasses, Shamrock Door Plate, Shamrock Shoes, Shamrock Hat and more at the Skilled Sisters Store.

Finally, April Fool's Day will return to the game from March 25 to April 1. This festival offers special whoopie pillows for you to choose from at the party, and they even come in a variety of colors.