Utilizing ACNH Donation Box provides an easy way to make bells

A player in Animal Crossing: New Horizons has discovered a Donation Box exploit that allows you to quickly and easily acquire multiple Animal Crossing Bells, the in-game currency. The Animal Crossing Donation Box was added with the November 2.0 update, which introduced many new items, features, and gameplay elements such as cooking, farming and more.

Bells play an important role in Animal Crossing as they are needed for everything from buying new items to paying off your mortgage. The Bells only became more important after last year's major game update, which required users to unlock merchants at Harv's Island Mall. While there are many ways to earn money in the game, collecting the necessary money for all the house upgrades, bridges, ramps and other unlockables that players might want for their islands can take a long time and users are always looking for new 1st ways to make multiple bells in Animal Crossing.

Redditor and Animal Crossing fans, Taiwan-numba-one, recently discovered a new way to get Bells into the game quickly, with a little help from their Island Donation Box. A user has found that selling his Donation Box at Nook's Cranny not only provides the value of the Box itself, but doubles the Bells in it, as long as the Donation Box is the hot item of the day at Nooks. According to the post, the player was able to get a cool 41,920 bells by selling a box of 20,000 bells while it was his hot item, doubling the contents of 20,000 bells and adding 1,920 bells to the box itself.

A clever user discovery to help players create Bells in Animal Crossing can make a lot of money very quickly, but there is only one glitch. Popular items are randomly selected items from the game catalog for which the Nook Twins will pay the odds - but getting a Donation Box as a Hot Item is a very slim chance. Still, those who check their Hot Items daily may want to keep an eye on the donation box mentioned as this could easily make them a jonaire Bell.

Those looking to earn money from Animal Crossing without waiting for a Donation as their hot item may get lucky with friends or through online communities. The Animal Crossing Nookazon trading site gives players the option to visit user islands who visit special NPCs or high turnip prices, so it is very possible for users to open their islands to online players if they have a hot item. If not, fans can try their luck with the Taiwanese bell tip on their own islands and hope that the Nook twins will sooner or later be looking for donation boxes.