When the Animal Crossing New Year countdown begins

The countdown to the new year in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is about to begin, allowing fans to ring in 2022 with their favorite villagers. The New Years Countdown Event also allows players to get some cool New Years Animal Crossing items before the fireworks start at midnight. For those looking to get the party started as soon as possible, here's everything they need to know about this year's Animal Crossing countdown.

By the time Animal Crossing gets its new seasonal items for 2022, players will likely want to call in on their island for a new year. Sparkling Apple Juice (1000 bells), twelve platters of grapes (1200 bells), Berliner (1200 bells), Olivier Salad (1000 bells) and New Year's noodles (1300 bells) are available for purchase through December 31 in the Nook Shopping app. For Animal Crossing's countdown to the new year, this year's daily offer includes a set of five party poppers (300 Bells) and a New Years hat, available in a variety of colors (500 Bells), but Tom Nook won't offer them once 2022 rolls in at midnight.

Other Nook Shopping app items for Animal Crossing's New Year Countdown will be available until January 5, 2022. These include Celebration Arch 2022 (2022 bells), Yut Nori (1,300 bells), Kadomatsu (2,580 bells), Otoshidam Envelope (500 bells) , Kagamimochi (1,800 bells), New Year's Shimekazari (2,000 bells), Osechi (5,000 bells) and a zodiac figurine (1,600 bells). Sure, ACNH fans need to get very excited, but since many of these items are so limited, it's important to know the correct start times for the Animal Crossing New Year's Countdown.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons New Years 2022 Countdown start time

As in previous years, the Animal Crossing New Year's Countdown event will technically kick off at 5:00 AM on December 31, when the daily reset will occur. This is when Tom Nook and Isabelle start counting down the hours outside of Housing Services (meaning the building is locked and players will not be able to complete the Housing Services tasks all day long). However, the countdown to the New Year does not officially start until 11:00. During this time, the villagers will gather and Isabelle will offer players a Christmas lights stick before midnight arrives.

Just like last year, when midnight arrives in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, fireworks will light up the night sky to usher in 2022, the end of another great New Years countdown event. To celebrate, players can use the glowing stick Isabelle gave them, put on one of the New Years outfits, and throw party poppers. Some items will remain available in the Nook Shopping app until January 5, but many will disappear after the game's launch in 2022. So players will likely want to collect anything that looks good before they walk away.